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Access health records securely in minutes, not days

Delays in accessing health records can have serious impacts on clients, resulting in increased costs for everyone involved. With Surely, real-time access to health records fosters seamless collaboration between government agencies, life insurers and health providers, ensuring a better experience for those who need it.


Surely redefines the insurance experience for insurers, health providers and clients.

Receive health records in near real-time

Through automation, Surely reduces wait time for medical reports from two weeks to less than 5 minutes.

Increase accuracy and reduce costs

Data is automatically checked for errors and can be fixed in-flight, ensuring accuracy and reducing administrative burden.

Protect confidential information

All data is fully encrypted and secure in transit and at rest, ensuring data security at every step.

Elevate your clients experience

With faster, more secure access to health records, you can deliver better patient and customer services to the people that need it most.

Find out how we can help you deliver the best possible experience for your clients.

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The surely difference

Surely gets you the health information you need, in less than 5 minutes.

A new application or claim is received. Government agencies and life insurers log in to Surely, which seamlessly integrates with their existing systems, to request the health record.

Surely provides proof of consent from the patient for each health record request, and requires a simple single-click approval from their healthcare provider.

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Surely accesses the relevant health information in the Electronic Health Record (EHR). This process is fully encrypted and secure, ensuring data security at every step.

With every health record request, the data is automatically checked for errors and can be fixed in-flight.

In less than five minutes, the requesting agency or insurer receives Surely's Specific Conditions Report, saving time and reducing administrative burden for everyone involved, and getting patients the support they need faster.

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Let us help you to deliver more value to your clients with fast and secure access to health records.

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