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Fast, secure health record sharing you can trust.

We give time back to health professionals by making the transfer of health information fast, easy, and secure. With Surely, healthcare providers can save hundreds of hours a month processing health record requests, giving them more time to focus on the work that matters most.

A better journey for everyone

Streamlined, secure information sharing between health and service providers.

Save time with seamless integration

Surely seamlessly integrates with your PMS, responding to health record requests in minutes, saving you hours processing health record requests - at no cost to your practice.

Consent at the core

Surely provides proof of consent from the patient for each health record request, directly in the PMS. You maintain control over whether a report is shared, with a simple single-click approval.

Safeguard patient privacy

Our technology is trusted to handle high-stakes data by over 100 public and private organisations. The data exchange is fully encrypted and secure, ensuring data security and privacy at every step.

Faster outcomes for your patients

Reduced turnaround time means your patients get the answers and solutions they need, faster.

Let us help you to manage health record requests securely and with ease.

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Surely streamlines health record sharing for everyone involved.

When providing a service to a client, a provider needs a health record. They log into the Surely portal or it is integrated with their PMS or client management system to request the record from Surely.

Surely provides proof of consent from the patient for each health record request, and requires a simple single-click approval from their healthcare provider.

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Surely accesses the relevant health information in the Electronic Health Record (EHR). This process is fully encrypted and secure, ensuring data security at every step.

With every health record request, the data is automatically checked for errors and can be fixed in-flight.

In less than five minutes, the requesting agency or insurer receives Surely's Specific Conditions Report, saving time and reducing administrative burden for everyone involved, and getting patients the support they need faster.

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Get time back by simplifying the way you share health records, while getting the best for your patients.

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