Streamline health record sharing with Surely.


Poor access to health information has a ripple effect across healthcare and social services.

Surely was born from our direct encounters with the challenges of sharing sensitive data. Our aim is to make a better journey for patients, healthcare providers, government agencies, and life insurers, by providing a secure, fast and efficient method of sharing health records in minutes.


We're experts in making data-sharing easy and secure

Jason Gleason, CEO

Jason is the Founder and CEO of Eightwire, the data exchange platform that powers Surely. Eightwire is used everyday by the government, financial services and healthcare sectors to share data across enterprise boundaries.

Allan Gillbanks, Head of Business Development

With over 20 years of experience in the insurance industry, Allan provides depth of knowledge about the industry and works with customers to ensure that their needs are exceeded.

Nimo Naamani, CTO

Nimo has over 25 years experience building and managing teams and products across financial, integrations, military, payments, and startup domains.

Trusted with high-stakes data, everyday.

Surely is powered by Eightwire’s secure data exchange - Trusted by governments, health providers, insurers and banks with sensitive data for over a decade.

Find out how we can help you to streamline health record sharing with Surely

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